Youth Classes



Skill Level: All (Age Range: 6 to 12)
Type: Youth Classes
Duration: 50 minutes
Gym Location: Octagon, Mat area

Youth Classes

Youth MMA

MMA class utilizes the best of the arts of Boxing, Muay Thai, and many other sport based martial art systems.

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Bare feet, athletic wear, gloves, mouthpiece and wraps


Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Students will learn that there is a time and a place for martial arts training. The program integrates; self-defense techniques, conditioning and skill oriented games aiming to improve your child’s motor skills, agility and flexibility. Youth BJJ is a fun class for young people that teaches discipline and helps build confidence.

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Youth D.U.T™

Youth DUT is UFC GYM's signature boot camp tailored for kids. Classes focus on dynamic full body movements that help build coordination, athletic ability and confidence in a safe environment. Classes vary ensuring each one is fun, competitive, engaging and challenging to the end. Coaches will take the kids through speed, agility, core strength, body weight and circuit drills using a combination of equipment, such as: battle ropes, jump ropes, plyo boxes, kettle bells, exercise straps, medicine balls, TRX straps, and slam bags.

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Youth Striking

Combination of Kick Boxing, Muay Thai and boxing footwork.

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