Group Fit


Calorie Burn: 355-500*

Skill Level: All
Type: Group Fit
Duration: 50 minutes
Gym Location: Group Fitness room, Turf ar...

Group Fit


Welcome to UFC FIT: the perfect full-body high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. This class follows a set series of drills to challenge cardio capacity, build strength, and improve balance and flexibility. The drills are completed in six five-minute rounds, accompanied by a warm-up and cool down. UFC FIT class is great for cross training and provides a unique mix of functional training and cardio that challenges the entire body in true MMA style.

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Gym shoes, athletic wear


Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker is a dynamic class set up in a circuit training style. As you move from station to station, this class will provide you with a balanced mixture of cardio and weight resistance while targeting all your major muscle groups. This is a great total body workout.

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Circuit Cycle

This cycle class will combine the intensity of the bike with a variety of exercises performed off the bike including core/strength training. Mix up your cycle workout with this class!

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Insanity® Live!

The world famous Insanity® workout. Get ready for this cardio-based, total body-conditioning program. This calorie torching workout is based on the principles of MAX Interval Training and will safely test your limits while you rip through heart-pumping, muscle shredding, sweat dripping intervals. Don't let the name scare you...it's for all levels and requires no equipment, just determination.

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